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Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites
"After the easy file-upload process, you can access your data from any computer and post links to the files for sharing with family (and coworkers if you're using the site for work-related purposes)."
How to store your files online
"At first the MediaFire storage service seems too good to be true: unlimited storage space for free! Yet the company continues to power ahead..."
"You have lots of options, and more new services pop up every day. MediaFire.com is my favorite, and it's one of the best on the market now."
"It's almost perfect!"
"The service is really well made, especially the upload progress page, which gives you a nice view of your upload progress, speed, and estimated time to complete the upload."

MediaFire is the simplest free file hosting service for businesses, professionals, and individuals to share files and images with others

Share files and images with all of your friends and upload them only once
Link to files from your MySpace page, your blog, or forums
Upload an unlimited number of files to share with friends and family or storage
Use folders to easily share groups of files or create galleries for all your images
No registration necessary and no software to install
Keep frequently used files online for easy access from any computer with an internet connection